Welcome to Big Ben!

If you have just moved or are thinking about moving to the Cote d’Azur, then the Big Ben Centre is here to help!  We provide services and information that can usually prove difficult and frustrating to find in a new town, let alone a new country, especially if you don’t speak the language!  At the Big Ben Centre, we do all the hard work for you so your move is as stress-free as possible and you can quickly settle into life on the Cote d’Azur and get used to enjoying the sun and beautiful beaches!

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Meet new people - make new friends

We organise regular events for our members. An opportunity to meet other new arrivals and also people who have been here for a while who have lots of useful tips to share! Next events

Get essential local information

We offer free advice sessions and seminars for members on useful topics such as finance, banking, schools, the health system and lots more subjects that are essential to your move and yet are not so easily accessible.

You will have access to our language exchanges for you to improve or even learn French,

You will have access to our databases of primarily English speaking companies so you don’t spend ages looking for the right one.

Free book exchanges to replace all those favourite reads you didn’t want to ship across the Channel,

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Becoming a member is easy, so is cancelling!

Our membership fee for new residents is just 15 Euros a month , paid monthly and there is no obligation to re-subscribe.  We work on a monthly basis so that when you are fully settled in and no longer need our support you are not irreversibly tied in to our services.  Membership is paid by calendar month.

For more information or to sign up now email info@lebigbencentre.com

We also organise Fun activities

“The Big Ben activities have been such fun and I’ve met some great new friends!”

We've made it our job to make our members feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible with a great range of activities, social events and clubs. There's something for everyone at Big Ben!

Activities include: Art, Photography, Drama, French conversation, Yoga, Book Club, Pre-natal sessions, Singing, Creative Writing and more! 

BB Groupe SARL is based in the South of France Sophia Antipolis towards Vallauris.

Antibes - Mougins - Valbonne - Cannes - Nice - Cagnes - St Laurent - Villeneuve Loubet
Free parking & Easy access

email info@lebigbencentre.com for details

"No time like the present. " Mrs Manley


We share a business premisis with Kidooland Activity Club for  Children link

Big Ben @ Kidooland 1890 Chemin de Saint Bernard 06220 Vallauris