Big Ben International Centre offers a range one off workshops for you enjoy.

Handy workshops

“Time just flies during the handy workshops and the French class has really helped!”

Big Ben is here to help make the Cote d'Azur feel like home for newcomers and even established international residents with a range of fun and friendly activities, regular social events and informative workshops.

A fantastic range of essential and informative workshops and adult training and activities await you at Big Ben. Great weekly, monthly and one-off classes are available to all ages and all abilities.

Our classes range from photography to first aid and are led by qualified and experienced teachers in small, personalised groups.

We also run one off workshops with professionals packed with vital information on topics such as banking and housing, schooling and administration in France and locally.

  • Art Lectures, Tours & History of Art
  • Business and Computers
  • Scrapbooking
  • Creative Art
  • Water Colours
  • Creative Writing Workshops
  • English Language, Numeracy and Literacy
  • Fitness and Well-being & Azur weight loss clinic
  • Food and Drink including wine tasting
  • Languages Other Than English such as Italian, German and Chinese
  • Photography
  • Time Management Skills
Costs vary depending on the activity and what materials are needed

Email us for details and  to register your interest in the next workshop